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no venting allowed

I joined a knit-along list because I thought it would be fun. Now, I'm not so sure. Apparently we're allowed to ask for help if we need it, and encouraged to gush on and on about each others' projects, but leave your anger and frustration at the door.

The pattern's driving me nuts, I've already had to start over twice and still plan on trying it again. I made the mistake of venting my frustration on the list. I kept it clean, no dirty words though I've certainly been muttering them a lot lately, just "Ugh, I've had it with this thing." It got me a note from the listmod saying that if I ever vented on-list again I'd get unsubbed without notice and banned for it.

Apparently "no flaming" means don't post anything negative at all.

If all they want is a mutual feel-good party, I'm not so sure I want to knit along with them any more.
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