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Old Shale socks - 1 down (almost), 1 to go

I got frustrated with making socks for my oldest son (his feet keep growing, I think) so I put that aside a while to work on my Old Shale socks for the Intermediate Sock-a-Month group. The only thing left on sock #1 now is grafting the toe, I slipped it onto scrap yarn to try it on. This is only my 5th pair of socks, and the best fit yet.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft Baby 100% acrylic in Lilac and Giggle Print, on 5 dpns US #2. I've got plus-sized legs & ankles so I did 8 repeats on the cuff pattern instead of six, with 2x2 ribbing under it, then decreased 2 sts/rnd over the last 16 rnds of ribbing to taper down to 64 sts before starting the wide ribs. I went with ribbed instep/stock st gusset, then ribbed all the way around to the toe shaping. I'll make the mate to match this one, but if I make the pattern again I'll work out how to keep the ribs through the gusset as well.

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