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Feeling really bad tonight. Nothing major, like I'm gonna throw up or pass out, but really blech overall. Sinuses clogged but not completely, a little achey, a little tired. Rundown maybe, or drained. Having a lot of trouble focusing.

I need to work, but don't really want to do anything at all. No, not quite - what I want to do is nothing. Not sleep, not even knit, just sit there and veg and stare off into space, or maybe put my head down on the desk and try not to think.

I wonder if it's getting close to that time of month again?

Edit +2 hours: Yep, that's it. Oh, joy. At least I'm starting to get a better idea when it's coming now. It's been kinda screwy since the last kid was born a couple of years ago. Menopause can't come soon enough, I want to get this crud over with once and for all.
Tags: period

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