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Friefly on SciFi channel!

Currently watching Firefly's premier on SciFi - the right one, not the one Fox aired first. Of course, in the first commercial break they mention Serenity coming to theaters soon. And during next week's episode (Friday 7p Eastern) they'll be featuring "the world premier of the new Serenity trailer."

W00t! Set yer DVRs, folks!

Edit: Caught the promo again, it actually says "world television premier" - so it might be the same trailer as the movie's website after all.

I got up way too early this afternoon, three-something. Wasn't really sleeping anyway, tossing and turning mostly, maybe dozing a half-hour here and there in between, finally just gave up on it and got up. Spent nearly four hours catching up on my Friends list, I was a couple of days' worth behind. Email's a lot further behind than that, but what else is new?

I'm gonna regret the lack of sleep at work tonight, but no way in Hell I'm sleeping through SciFi Friday. Time to get offline, grab a soda and a sock-in-progress, and enjoy the best TV night of the week.

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