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Star Songs

October 17th, 2003

A couple of quizzes @ 02:06 am

You'd turn into a Snowleopard! Like a snowleopard
you are quiet, shy and not seen much and find
it hard to talk to people, but dont really mind
being by yourself. However once you have gotten
over your shyness and are relaxed you are so
different it can be scary! You have a few close
friends who can grasp your strange ways. You
are generally laid back but when you get angry
you get angry and can be very vicious and a
force to be recond with, though few people ever
see this.

What animal would you turn into?
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You are the Social Anxiety disorder rock! :(

::Which rock personality disorder (from the Zoloft commercial) should you have? (Results contain pictures!)
brought to you by Quizilla

I took a couple of other quizzes, but I'm not about to post the "what random object are you" quiz that claimed I'm a box of tampons...
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Star Songs