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Dish Network problems

Has anybody else - especially in the Lexington KY area - had problems with their Dish Network reception lately? Ours keeps going in and out sporadically, which is pretty normal during heavy rains, but the past two days it's doing it even when it's sunny outside. There is a leafy tree about 10-15 yards in front of it, but it's never caused reception problems before. Nothing visible on the antenna itself either.

I'm beginning to wonder if some bird's made a nest right in the dish's line of sight or something.

It got bad enough in & out while recording W.I.T.C.H. now that it stopped the recording, and twice in the past few minutes it's gone into Downloading Program Guide mode.

I hope it's not the receiver that's fragged, I really don't feel like replacing it. ($)

Hmm, on second thought, the kids are up and watching TV on their own receiver, and I don't hear them griping about it not working or seem them fussing about it on the babycam. (They usually bitch about that in a hurry.) If their room's working and the main one isn't, we may have a faulty receiver downstairs after all.

This is gonna suck, I think.
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