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Star Songs

September 5th, 2005

(house) Work Avoidance Theater @ 11:46 pm

Current Mood: lonely lonely

Yep, I'm home tonight. Everybody else is asleep, including the dog. The boys are usually in school by the time I get home and in bed before I get up. Gazer's usually in bed before I leave, since he has to get up early with the boys. He's Mr. Mom, I've turned into the all work, no play dad that barely sees his family and has no clue who his kids really are.

I'm just skimming LJ, mostly because I'm bored & lonely, and to delay doing my laundry. My own laundry's about the closest I come to housework. Gotta get it done before going back to work tomorrow, six straight MOD shifts coming that I'm not looking forward to. I'll be logging off momentarily to hang up one load and get another one started.

I'll probably catch up on some of the stuff Gazer DVR'd for me. I have some volunteer work I should be catching up on, but this is probably the only chance I'll get to watch any of it. There's a Firefly, a couple of Tripping the Rift, and the last part of a House episode I had to leave before finishing. Probably got Saturday's Big Brother 6 too.

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Star Songs