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Star Songs

October 24th, 2003

Tonight's pre-work card @ 11:04 pm

Current Mood: discontent discontent
Current Music: Speedway ad on TV

Anticipating yet another bad night at work - seems to be way too many of those lately. From the Halloween Tarot, the King of Bats (Swords) and the Moon. I'd intended to only draw one, but both of these fell on the floor with the first shuffle. King of Swords usually indicates a need for cold logic, basing decisions on the facts and not letting emotions or other distractions get in the way. The werewolf in this deck's Moon card looks like he'd rather be in the normal-looking castle off in the distance, instead of the overgrown garden on his side of the old iron fence. I feel a lot like the wolf-man, feeling kept out and ignored by the day-shift world. I do my best to follow the King's example, just deal with the numbers, but once in a while I wish they'd look out their castle windows and quit pretending I'm not here.
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Star Songs