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Oh, joy...

Today's Thursday, which means Pasta Bar day, so there's probably a lot of restaurant tickets tonight. My turn for Night Manager too, annoying but not terrifying any more. Mom-in-law pulls over to drop me off, a panhandler wanders over to her open window while I'm getting my stuff together. Boy, did he pick the wrong target. Annoyance #2.

First thing I hear tonight, before I've even clocked in, from the 2nd shift Manager: "The guest elevators all went down about an hour ago."

Great, let's turn that annoyance level up a couple of notches. At least nobody got stuck in them, and we have a 24/7 service contract on the guest elevators, so the repair guy's already here working on it.

I just want to get this crap over with so I can get back to my knitting, damn it!

Picked up the mail on the way in tonight (since I was taking MIL's trash to the dumpster), mostly junk but including a lightweight package. Alas, it's not the yarn I ordered on eBay a couple of days ago, but the item one of the gaming guys ordered through our eBay/Paypal account last weekend. He'll be happy it's here already. On the down side, batteries not included.

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