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Good News meme

(from crystalsage)

Tell me something good that happened to you today.

It can be anything: big or small, huge impact or hardly any. Share something positive.

And pass the meme on.

Go for it.

Me? Sleep, glorious sleep. Sitting outside the school with Gazer & Ben, knitting away, waiting for Mike & Jake to get out. (Finished Ben's paperwork for Early Start, he starts in a week.) Pleasant trip to the grocery with the whole family, the boys all behaved the whole time. Stocked up on lots of yummy stuff - without worrying about how much it cost. (Spent just over $170 and it didn't even phase me.) And it looks like Amazon's finally shipping Gazer's anniversary gift, ordered nearly six weeks ago. Edit: Got a notice that it shipped this morning. "Carrier notified to pick up package."

I wonder if this will make the Kansas quarters more valuable?

I've been having a lot of trouble lately reading computer monitors (email, LJ, etc.) comfortably, and often finding myself enlarging the text quite a bit. We've got two monitors, a secondary one above the main one, the top one a little darker (white backgrounds don't glow quite as much on it). The top monitor seems a little easier to read black-on-white text than the bottom one, even though it also seems a touch blurrier. Well, not quite blurry, but like the letters are wavering a bit every once in a while. Brings out the astigmatism more than the myopia, I guess. Weird.
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