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Finished my green Amble socks tonight - no pic yet, but they fit nicely. Cast on for my other sock KAL, after a test tube to figure out what size needles to use. I ended up going down a size, to US 1's, to get a firmer fabric with Knitpicks Essentials in Ash grey. This yarn's the thinnest I've used yet for socks, so I kind of expected that. I did all the gauge math (8.5 sts/inch now instead of the 8/in I'm used to) and cast on 80, did 8 rnds of 2x2 ribbing when it hit me. The Basketcase pattern stitch needs a multiple of 12 - and 80 ain't one of 'em. Crap! I'll start over later, after I get some sleep.

I watched the first 2 disks (12 episodes) of my Fraggle Rock DVDs while knitting, the kids have been begging to see 'em so now they can get started. Sorry guys, I get to watch it first. According to Muppet Central, Sababa's releasing a plush Mokey for the first time next summer, so cool! I've got an old Boober plushie on my headboard, from when it was still on TV. I wouldn't mind getting any of the new plushies though, they're doing the hair a lot better now. And apparently you can design Fraggle T-shirts & stuff through - use code FRAGROCKSAVE for free shipping through the end of this year.

I also put a new Tarot Relfections up tonight, shorter than I would have liked but I'm tired and low on material again. I've got several pieces ahead yet in the running series, just need stuff to go with them. And one last thing before I head to bed...

Happy Birthday, Benny!
Love, Mommy
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