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New Moon Reading

Here's my New Moon reading with the Halloween Tarot (of course!):

New Moon (Oct 25th - 31st): Hermit Rx

Time to come out of my shell and stop trying to discover all the answers on my own, seek help and advice when I need it. Last Friday night (the 25th) I pretty much melted down emotionally at work, way too much stress and not nearly enough sleep. I've been so busy taking care of everybody else that I've neglected me. Come to think of it, the Hermit here may be telling me to take some personal time out as well. We realized I have a lot of vacation time left - 144 hours total by the end of January - so knightaudit redid the schedule to use scattered days here and there, starting with a 5-day break after Monday night.

Waxing Half (Nov 1st - 8th): Knight of Bats Rx

I often think of the Sword Knights as flighty, moving from one project to the next without ever finishing anything. This is the year to get my nerve together and actually do what I intended. Our Sci-Fi club's annual Halloween party is the 1st, I've brought a deck to the party for years now intending to do readings for my friends there, and have yet to get the nerve up to actually do one. Reading by typing on a computer is one thing, reading interactively for a live face-to-face client will be an entirely new experience. (So if anybody reading this is at the party, please ask me for a reading, and don't take no for an answer.)

Full Moon (Nov 9th - 16th): Wheel of Fortune Rx

Getting stuck in a rut comes to mind, or with this deck, maybe feeling like a target. (This Wheel is a knife-thrower's target, complete wiht wide-eyed victim.) But the guy on the wheel's holding a tiny four-leafed clover, so he hasn't given up hope that he'll be lucky enough to get through his predicament. Or with it reversed, maybe he's figured out how to make his own luck.

Waning Half (Nov 17th - 22nd): High Priestess

Finally, an upright card! It'll be getting close to Thanksgiving (US) by then, and well into the Christmas shopping season. Time for introspection, reflecting on all I have to be thankful for - the stuff I'd been moaning about a couple of days ago, for instance. Maybe her red dress gets me thinking literally about the holidays, but her book reminds me to start putting together gift lists. Her pet bat gives me an idea for my oldest son, he likes playing Neopets with me (online virtual pet site) and we can't have real pets in the apartment, so maybe we can get him a toy pet.

Three majors and a court card, three reversals out of four, sounds like this could be an important month ahead. A lot of inner work to do before I can turn it around and share that inner knowledge with others at the end.
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