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Druidcraft - Sun

When I first started this journal, I'd intended it to be my virtual Tarot journal. I lost track of that somewhere along the way. Tarot used to be a very big part of my life, one that I let slip away from me - and I miss it.

From the Druidcraft deck, tonight's card is the Sun. Bright, shiny - a new awakening. Quit stalling, it's time to GO! Child's standing up in the stirrups, like a kid standing on his bike pedals, coasting - riding with the wind, King of the World! Horse's coat is thick & heavy, ready for winter, while the child is nude. Horse is prepared, child's living in the moment.

I've been the horse too long. I choose to be the child again, enjoying the Now.

Edit: Apparently I'd mis-read my work schedule. I had thought I was off the next two nights, but no, I'm not off until Wednesday. Looks like Serenity will have to wait a few days. Not sure how this ties in to the Sun card, I'll figure that out later.
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