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On the way to work tonight, my mother-in-law keeps asking me if I want to stop and get a drink or something on the way. (Translation: She's thirsty and wants me to get her something. Her usual passive-aggressive stuff.) We finally end up stopping by Speedway on campus - what the heck, they've got the cappuccinos on sale. So I get her Coke, and me a Vanilla Coke for later and a white chocolate toffee cappucino. They're always too hot at first, so like usual I put it in one of the side cup holders until I get to work.

Then some asshat pulls out in front of us and next thing I know, there's this thump splash behind me and a massive toffee smell. The sudden stop made the gorram thing go flying, hit the floor and dump all over the place before I even got a sip.

Done it a hundred times before, never had any trouble with anything falling from those cup holders even in similar situations. No injuries at least, no collisions or burns, doesn't look like I even got any coffee on me somehow. The back of her van's a mess though, carpet and back of the seat, maybe Gazer's spotlifter thingie can clean that up later. Just a mix of frustration, disappointment, and a brief moment of childhhod flashback triggering tears I can't explain.

Every time I think things are going pretty well, and that I might actually be going to work in a good mood for once, the Universe just has to slap me back down again.

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