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KAL socks

I finished my Basketcase socks a couple of weeks ago, posted them to the group but forgot to mention them here. They're Knitpicks Essentials, color Ash, on US 1 dpns. Jeez, they felt tiny to work on! It was a little odd-feeling at first, but after running through the washer & dryer they softened up a lot (and got a little fuzzy).

Basketcase socks

The actual color's a little lighter, I darkened it up a touch to show the texture better.

My current project is the Mosaic socks for 6Sox. I started out using Essentials in Grass (dark green) with leftover Ash for contrast. But the pattern didn't really show so I switched to Lime acrylic left over from Chutes & Ladders and Amble with a white/green/purple/yellow mix. I tried a couple of times, switched around which was which and it still didn't work - the two greens were nearly identical so it all faded together. So I scrapped the mixed yarn and dug out some leftover Lilac, and I think I found a winner.

mosaic sock leg

These will be great in the middle of winter, to remind me of the coming spring - or Easter eggs.
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