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Why did I want this job again?

Just when things are going pretty well, Boom! Something stupid happens. About 3:30am a woman staggers over to the front desk, blood on her hands & shirt, mumbling something that sounded vaguely like "He found me." I radio a Code 2 (medical issue) in the lobby to get Security's attention & call 911 reporting a domestic disturbance, need police & ambulance. We'd had an issue with the same couple Friday night before I came in, she moved to a different room to get away from him. Fake name on the new room, don't tell anyone where she is, etc. Apparently he found her somehow - she said later she's pretty sure one of his buddies must've spotted her at a bar earlier and followed her, she didn't think the hotel was involved.

Anyway, maybe 30 seconds after she comes down, while I'm still on the phone with 911, the guy & 2 buddies come down, walk right past her like she's not even there and get into a cab. She hears the front door open, spots them & runs after them, screaming incoherently as they pull off. By the time cops show up, he's long gone - and good riddance. They talk to her a while, calm her down, she won't let paramedics touch her (even though a cut near her hairline's bleeding like crazy) and refuses to press charges, says she's flying home later this morning.

We move her to a different room in case he comes back, Security guy & I go up with her to help move her belongings. Blood on the walls a few spots along the hall where she staggered into them on the way downstairs. Something's shattered in the hallway - thought it was a light fixture, turned out to be a hard plastic ice bucket/bowl. That room's going to need some serious deep cleaning and maintenance - broken glassware, what might have been an ashtray, huge mirror shattered, blood spattered all over the place.

We get her settled in, think maybe she's sleeping it off - she admitted to the officer she'd been drinking, though I wouldn't be surprised if there was something less legal involved as well. Half an hour later (5am) she's changed her mind about the hospital and wants us to call her a cab. Good riddance to her, too, far as I'm concerned.

Oh, and he called while cops etc. were still there, wanting to talk to her, I just say she's busy. He says how some guy had tried to sell her drugs and she'd freaked out, wants her to call his cell phone when she calms down - but the phone number he left was one of those "555-" fakes like they use on TV.

Holy Crap, they don't pay me enough to put up with this kind of shit. It took a good hour or more for my hands to stop shaking. So yes, when she insisted on giving us each a $20 tip for helping pack all her stuff up and move it to the new room, I took it. It's almost enough to treat myself to that new ballwinder I've been wanting. 'Cause I need knitting therapy big-time after this.

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