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Busy night

Today was family day, and an expensive one at that. Went on a major grocery run with gazerwolf this afternoon while the boys were all in school, just under $220. Yes, the decimal's in the right place. We only do the big stock-up runs like that every six weeks or so, and they had a lot of the stuff we normally get on sale.

Loaded kids & MIL in the van as soon as the boys got home, headed out to CompUSA to exchange the keyboard we bought on the 6th. It just quit working a couple of days ago, no clue why. The manufacturer's tech support ran through their tests with Gazer and finally agreed it was their hardware and not a bad USB port or a driver bug. We called ahead to ask about CompUSA's return policy, it's only for 21 days and we were at 22, but since we wanted to exchange it instead of get a refund they let us do it anyway.

Since we were in the area, we headed to Meijer's behind Fayette Mall for costume shopping. They didn't have much left, but we found ones everybody was happy with. Darth Vader for Jake, a red & black Ninja for Mike, and Spiderman PJ's for Ben. The older two didn't come with weapons so we got those too - and a foam sword in Spidey colors to keep the little guy happy. Costumes & accessories, plus a couple of small items, was another $80.

Final stop was Walmart, to pick up a couple of things for MIL, maybe another $25. Swung by McDonalds on the way home, all those groceries but both too tired to cook so another $20 there.

Oh, and found out our budget plan electric bill jumped from $58 to $110 this month, they adjust it every three or four months based on usage and apparently the summer AC blew the curve. And we've got rent due in a few days, and a phone bill soon. I get paid again before our student loan payments are due, so that's good. At least we finally have credit cards now, so not all this stuff had to be paid for today. And we can charge stuff for Christmas if we need to, a luxury we've never had before.

I'm in the middle of a six-day vacation from work, which is great - or would be if it weren't for this stupid cold. Started with a runny nose & irritated throat two nights ago, now it's thickened up into a gunk that's settled in my sinuses, throat and upper chest. And it's coated my vocal cords so I can't talk worth crap. Like I told knightaudit, seems we only get sick on our own time because we're both stubborn enough to ignore most symptoms when we're working. When we're off we let our guard down and the stuff hits hard to make up for it.

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